What is HTML?:

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the name of the language predominantly used for formatting the view of a web page and its contents.

HTML works using sets of tags, tags are instructions to your computers browser on how to build the view of the webpage.

About Tags:

Tags are what are used to actual tell the browser what to do. When you create a tag, you usually also have to create another one to close it. to create a tag you use triangualr brackets as seen here.

1< > 2</ >

What can be seen above in diagrams 1 and 2 is a set of tags that are currently empty. As it stands they will not do anything. Diagram 1 shows a tag which would contain the instructions to your browser telling it to begin what you want it to. Diagram 2 shows the close of the tag, when you want your computer to stop formatting, you must close the tag, this is done by putting a forward slash after the first triangular bracket. This can be seen more clearly in diagram 3.

3</ >

Creating a webpage




These tags, shown to the leftin diagram 4, let your browser know which language you are using, all web pages that you will be making should start with the tag <html>

Because you are using HTML throughout the webage, you should not close this tag untill right at the end of all the coding to yoru webpage. Otherwise your browser wont know what to do with the instructions you give it after closing the tag..


<title>Deckleswood School</title>



Diagram 5 shows you the head tag. The head tag should follow your opening html tag. Everything that you place inbetween the opening and close of the head tag will not be shown on the webpage.

This is where you place information, such as the page title which can also be seen in this diagram. If you look to the top of your browser, you shall see that this page your reading is called "Deckleswood School" the same as the text between the title pages.


<title>Deckleswood School</title>


This Diagram shows the introduction of the body tag, this tag lets your browser know that this is the main content of your webpage.

Everything that you want to appear on your webpage should be placed between the body tags.

Now you know how to insert the tags needed to create a web page, however If you were to view a page containing just the code in diagram 6, there would be nothing on the page except a title.

You may place any text you wish between the body tags and it shall appear on a plain white background in a plain black font. much like this text you are reading now.

Formatting Text

There may be a time when you wish for you text to be formatted, just like when you use word, excell etc

It is perfectly possible to do things like this to do this, all you need to do is place your set of tags around the section of text you want formatting. As you can see it is also possible to have more than one set of tags working at the same time. Below is a list of tags and what the effect is.

<font color="red">Red text</font> - you may substitute blue for many colours, alternativly insert a Hex code instead.
<font size="1">small text</font>

<br>                           <br>
         break (next line)

<a href="URL">LINK"</a>
<img src="image URL">

This is only a small list of basic html tags. There are many many more, however these will be lookes at another time.