We have alre\dy looked at how to create the forms design, using HTML, now we shall look at the coding required to capture the details that your form uses send you. What I am teaching you now, is how to have all the information sent to an email adress.

In order to let the document know, that there is a form, you must use the <form> tag. This needs to be placed within the body of your document, the closing </form> tag needs to be placed at the end of the HTML to do with forms. For example, once you have finished putting in your controls.

There are many ways that you can set up your webpage to send you the results of a form, however at this stage, I think that using a website called FormMail. The website can be found HERE

That website will explain everything that you need to do, to make your form work and have results emailed to you.


As a part of your homework you are to get people to fill the form out, this will mean that you need your website hosted on the internet, should you require help with this, simply let me know and I shall upload you work for you. You will then be able to pass the link around for people to fill in.