Welcome to Deckleswood School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Deckleswood is situated on a mountaintop, close to the quiet village of Decklesby in Canada. Hidden from Muggle eyes by a Disillusionment charm, Deckleswood stands in a large pentagon shaped campus, protected by strong stone walls. The towers of the 5 common rooms stand at the corner of each wall, with an entrance gate at the front. Inside the grounds is the main area of the school. This comprises of 3 tall towers, the Central, East and West Towers, as well as a several smaller buildings and towers which adjoin to make the School. Deckleswood, founded by Christopher Benjamin Tepperweed, was originally built by the power of the 5 pentagems. Many years later it was destroyed in a fire and then redesigned and purpose built. For many years, the school was under the leadership of Lilandra Satine Gargamath. However the school was destroyed for the second time, at the same time as Lil Gargamath was murdered. The Ministry have spent time and money getting it rebuilt. It is now re-opened but confidence is shaken. The school may be unsettled for some time to come. Magically enchanted, Deckleswood's interior can change at will, whenever there is a need for a new room, or area within the school. The classrooms are spacious and look out over the magnificent and well maintained grounds of the school. Situated outside the grounds of Deckleswood, you will also find a lake, a forest, and the school's Quadditch Field. On arrival at Deckleswood, students will be sorted into one of the five Houses. These houses are: Rubyblaze - Passionate and Brave Emeraldpeak - Determined and Reliable Sapphirelake - Helpful and Caring Topazgale - Intelligent and Charming Onyxshadow - Proud and Ambitious Deckleswood is the complete Harry Potter Roleplay Experience. From the second you enroll you become part of the your house. The things you do will effect their points. You'll have to take classes if you want to last until the Seventh Year and beyond, in order to Graduate. With the help of the Gringotts sponsorship you'll be able to live the life of a wizard or witch in training. Learning and using your roleplay knowledge will also be an important part of your journey. Of course there will be the usual surprises of any Magical School, along the way.